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Collomix AQiX water dosing device video review featured image

Watch: Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device Video Review

"Ichanger, it really is".

The Collomix AQiX is an automatic water dosing device, for quantities from 1 litre up to 99 litres.

You can learn more and buy the device now by CLICKING HERE.

It easily attaches to just about every single bucket. Simply enter the amount of water required and leave the AQiX to it. The device automatically stops dosing water at the exact amount you require.

It's a must-have for builders, plasterers, flooring contractors, and anyone who has water mixing requirements.

But don't take our word for it.

Watch below as Tim Seay from Decorative Concrete of Virginia takes you through his experiences with the device. He talks about how the AQiX not only saves him time, but how it also delivers a much more consistent mix than hand-measuring.

You can get the Collomix AQiX now by CLICKING HERE.

Tim's Collomix AQiX review video covers:

  • an introduction to the Collomix AQiX
  • discussion of the key features and benefits
  • time and labour saved compared to manually filling buckets of water
  • time saved particularly for larger-scale flooring projects
  • a consistent mix every time - thanks to precise water dosing quantities
  • memory button to make water quantity selection even quicker

And for those who prefer a written review, we've transcribed the main areas Tim covers in his video, below:

Collomix AQiX video review - introducing the AQiX

 "So this is the Collomix AQiX. Can you imagine the time that this is going to save us, and the headaches this is going to save us, when we're doing like a self-levelling overlay job where we have we have to mix 100 bags. And every time you have to measure out the exact amount of water..."

 "I keep thinking back to that that self-levelling overlay job that we did at that church, right. And I just think about mixing those two or three hundred bags and how every bag that got poured on the floor, that the consistency was slightly different..."

Collomix AQiX water dosing device video review in action

 "That's because of our inaccuracy measuring the water. And when batches come out, you'll look at a floor. And you'll see one part of the floor being weird, like why is that weird, probably because the water was too much, or too light..."

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX mixing consistency benefits

 "It's pretty cool - I think that Collomix made this because they're trying to speed up the [measuring and mixing] process. But for us, I really think that it's more about [getting] the exact same results with every single [mix]. Like it's going to be the exact same amount of water [every time]."

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX memory feature

 "The Collomix AQiX has a memory button - where, let's say we're gonna decide that 4.2 quarts is the right amount. That's how much water we need. So you actually save that amount in there, you push the memory button, you push play and it doses out 4.2 quarts of water. So you just hook it on the bucket, push the button, and it's done."

Collomix AQiX water dosing device video review memory feature

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX for saving time and labour

 "Previously, we might have one guy measuring water, and another guy getting a bag ready and they kind of do them at the same time. [The AQiX] is going to be great, because you're going to hook that on the bucket, hit play and then turn around and dump the material in there while that's dosing in the water. It kind of turns a two-man [job] into a one-man [job]. It actually will speed the whole process up a lot."

Collomix AQiX water dosing device video review clip for bucket

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX for growing profit

 "So that's what we always talk about - how do we become more profitable and how do we offer a better product at that speed."

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX for water dosing accuracy

 "How accurate are we talking? I checked it on a bunch of buckets outside and every single time i put it on four quarts and i would fill the bucket up and every single time it stopped on the exact same spot over and over and over. So i filled a bucket like a hundred times and it was literally every single time was the same. It was awesome. And the instructions say that it's within five one hundredths of a quart, that's how accurate it is.

"[The AQiX] is a big deal. I think it's a game changer, it really is".

Collomix AQiX water dosing device video review accuracy

What is the Collomix AQiX?

The Collomix AQiX is a battery-operated water dosing device that is designed to measure water up to 50% faster. It also delivers total consistency - ensuring the exact amount of water is dosed every single time.

How do you use the Collomix AQiX?

The AQiX features a very simple, easy to use interface. Set the water amount you require using the '+' and '-' buttons (increasing and decreasing in 0.1 litre increments). Users can select any amount from 1 litre up to 99 litres.

Attach the AQiX to your mixing bucket, press start and the device takes care of the rest.

The device will fill the water amount required at a rate of 10 - 25 litres per minute.

And the device stops any water running once the exact amount is reached.

What are the benefits of using Collomix AQiX?

The Collomix AQiX is a huge saving on time and labour. The water requirements are totally taken care of while you get on with other work.

It saves hauling buckets and measuring water manually.

And where it previously may have been a two-man job, with one man measuring water, and another dumping material in the mixing bucket, the AQiX allows one man to do the job.

It also ensures complete consistency with the materials mix. Ensuring a precise dose every time.

Collomix AQiX video review - AQiX technical data

Technical Data for the Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device:

  • Preselectable dosing quantities: 1 - 99 litres in 0.1 litre increments
  • Flow rate: 10 - 25 l/min
  • Max. operating pressure: 2 - 6 bar
  • IP Class: 64
  • Battery (incl.): 2 x AA
  • Memory spaces for dosing quantities: 2
  • Water connection on the device: 3/4"
  • Dimensions AQiX (L x W x H): 260 x 82 x 140mm
  • Case dimensions (L x W x H): 290 x 254 x 89mm
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Water dosing device AQiX, sturdy hard shell case, 1/2" connection adapter, 2 x AA batteries
  • Accuracy: ± 2%* (*deviation > 3 l)

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