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Looking For A Tough, Durable Plastering Bucket?

Built to withstand tough mixing, the Collomix 30 Litre Plastering Bucket, is a must-have on work sites, work vans and for home renovations.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard, it's a mixing bucket that is built to last.

A durable plastering bucket that's ideal for a wide range of materials

The Collomix mixing bucket is designed to mix plaster and just about every other mixing material!

It's ideal for mixing levelling compounds and liquid materials. It's also suited to mixing sticky and viscous materials such as screeds and fillers. It's an ideal mixing bucket for heavy and highly viscous materials, such as concrete, plaster, mortar and screed. And it's ideal for fluid materials and much more!

The Collomix AQiX Water Dosing Device is the ideal mixing accessory and attaches to the Collomix 30 Litre Plastering Bucket. The AQiX allows users to set the exact amount of water required, doses the exact amount, and switches off automatically when the required amount has been dosed. Letting you get on with the job at hand.

durable plastering bucket mixing in action

A durable plastering bucket built to survive lots of mixing

The Collomix 30 Litre Plastering Bucket is a sturdy, robust piece of equipment. It's built to withstand the effects of constant mixing.

Some buckets are built of cheaper materials and crack quickly. The Collomix bucket is built to last.

A durable plastering bucket for no splash and no mess

The Collomix bucket is designed for all materials.

It is deep sided - limiting splashing and spills when the mixing paddle is in action. Even when mixing adhesive or plaster.

The deep sides also help to reduce dust while adding powder and fillers.

durable mixing bucket mixing mortar

A durable plastering bucket that carries and tips well

Not only is the Collomix mixing bucket ideal for mixing, it is also designed for easy carrying and tipping when mixing is complete.

durable plastering bucket that easily tips and pours

It's perfect for a wide range of applications in industrial environments, work sites, home renovations and more.

If you'd like to discuss the Collomix 30 Litre Plastering Bucket further, please contact the Mangrove Industrial team today.

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