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Ambro-Sol Marine Multipurpose Lubricant Spray 400ml

Powerful multi-purpose spray specially designed for use on parts exposed to water
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  • Multi-purpose -  lubricates, protects, and releases
  • Water-resistant
  • Prevents corrosion

Ambro-Sol Marine Multipurpose Lubricant Spray is a powerful multi-purpose lubricant that is specially designed for use on parts exposed to water.

This Spray technology is water-repellent and prevents corrosion.

It's perfect for applications in the marine and nautical sectors.

Ambro-Sol Marine Multipurpose Lubricant Spray lubricates - it is able to penetrate rusted bolts, fittings, chains, etc, in depth and release them.

It protects parts subject to exposed water-pins, levers, and outboard motor parts subject to exposed water. 

It is ideal for maintenance on any machine part.

Application areas for the mbro-Sol Marine Multipurpose Lubricant Spray include Marine, Industry, Plumbing, Automotive, Air Conditioning and Hardware.

How to use:
Shake well before use.
Spray the product on the part to treated, leave for a few minutes, in the case of rusted parts proceed with the unlocking.
In presence of more resistant deposits repeat the operation.
The product can be also be sprayed with the straw attached to the cap.
PRECAUTIONS: Do not apply to equipment in tension. Do not apply to materials overheated. 

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