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Baier BDN 453 1800W 6" Twin Blade Diamond Channel Cutter System. 35mm Wide and 45mm Deep Cutting in 1 Step.

150mm twin blade diameter for cutting up to 35mm wide and 45mm deep.
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£690.00 ex-VAT

  • 2 diamond cutting blades 
  • Dust-free milling with excellent dust suction device
  • Electronic control to prevent overload (and no waiting time for motor to restart)
  • Low operating cost

The Baier BDN 453 1800W 6" Twin Blade is a high performance Diamond Channel Cutter System.

Dust-free milling is possible when dry cutting - thanks to the excellent dust suction device.


The Baier BDN 453 is a powerful 1800W machine with a 7800 rpm speed. 

At 5.6KG, it's lightweight for comfortable working for long durations.

With 2 diamond cutting blades, cutting widths of 7 - 35mm and cutting depths of 7 - 45mm are achievable. And in one step!

Optional additional diamond cutting blades allow channel cutting reinforced concrete, lime stone, plaster and more.

And ensures even more value for money with a low operating cost - thanks to an electronic and a mechanical clutch.

Its electronic control prevents overload - meaning there is no waiting time until the motor can restart.

With an excellent dust suction device, you are assured of dust-free milling.

The Baier BDN 453 also has safety advantages, thanks to a unique and powerful overload electronic.

IN THE CASE: The Baier BDN 453 is packed in a plastic carrying case with 2 diamond cutting blades silver.

Optional Diamond Cutting Blades available:

  • Diamond Cutting Blade GOLD II
    Diameter 150mm for reinforced concrete, highly compressed lime stone, brick and poroton

  • Diamond Cutting Blade Turbo High Speed
    Diameter 150mm for reinforced concrete, highly compressed lime stone, brick and poroton

  • Diamond Cutting Blade Blue
    Diameter 150mm for concrete, washed concrete, lime stone

  • Diamond Cutting Blade White
    Diameter 150mm for lime stone, poroton, brick

  • Diamond Cutting Blade Laser Turbo Premium
    Diameter 150mm for reinforced concrete, washed concrete, brick

  • Diamond Cutting Blade Ideal Standard
    Diameter 150mm for plaster, poroton, brick

  • Diamond Cutting Blade S10 Standard
    Diameter 150mm for brick, aerated concrete, plaster

  • Diamond Cutting Blade Turbo Allround
    Diameter 150mm for brick, poroton, plaster, aerated concrete


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