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Baier BSS 607 M Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Category M 240V

30 litre dust-free, dry or wet industrial vacuum
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£650.76 ex-VAT

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  • 30 litre container
  • Constant and powerful vacuum efficiency by fully automatic
    intelligent pulse filter cleaning system
  • Large dust holding capacity
  • Automatic power tool socket for electronic power tools
  • Suction pipe for power tool for diameter 38 mm

Industrial and commercial vacuum with 30 litre container for big dust storage capacity due to innovative filter system. For interruption-free suction of huge quantities of fine dust.

Dust Class M Hazardous dust with limit values3) > 0.1 mg/m3
For all wood dust and dust originating from repair compound, filler and clear coats, plaster, cement, concrete, tile cement and paints such as latex and oil-based paints or quartziferous materials such as sand and pebbles.

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