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Industrial Vacuum Hepa Filter Continous Dust Bag Extractor

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£1,895.83 ex-VAT

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£1,895.83 ex-VAT

Industrial vacuum system single phase for continous working conditions, for small and large dust reocovery applications, the operators purge the filter 3-5 times when the filter is blocking,this dust extractor will renew to high suction,no need to take out the filter for cleaning,avoid the second dust polution
Applications areas Floor Grinding and Polishing, Power tools with dust exhaust 
  • Three high performance motors, For controlling on/off Independently
  • Continuous drop-down bag system without capacity , Easy and Fast Loading and unloading.
  • HEPA Filter PTFE coated, Low pressure loss, High filter efficiency
  • Jet Pulse Filter Technology
  • Standard 7.5mtr EVA Anti-static hose 
  • Adjustable Height 
  • Weight 50KG
  • Portable Handling and Transport 
  • 110V & 240V 50/60Hz available
  • Power 240V 3.6Kw 110v 2.4kw

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