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Jost takeit® Normal Pads 190mm x 340mm and 335mm x 485m

Has an extremely high intake capacity for dirt.
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£24.49 ex-VAT

£29.39 - £30.88
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£24.49 ex-VAT

  • Has an extremely high dirt and dust absorption capacity 
  • Ideally suited as a dust storage pad
  • Ideal for machines without dust extraction
  • Offers excellent surface preparation ahead of oiling and waxing
  • Ultra-fine and coarse grit pads available

The Jost takeit® Normal Pads is a single pad that offer a wide range of application opportunities.

It's very high dirt and dust absorption capacity (thanks to its open structure) makes it a perfect solution for dust storage for our Superpad P sanding discs on machines that don't extract dust. 

When sanding, the pad's abrasive grain smoothes the wood surface, ensuring that applying oil or wax is done so with even distribution and any staining on the surface is minimised.

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