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Jost useit® Superpad P Yellow Sanding Disc 225mm. For Drywall Sander. A 40 - 220 Grit. (Pack of 25)

Sanding pad for long reach sander for gysum, filler finishing applications
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£51.67 ex-VAT

£47.95 - £84.00
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£51.67 ex-VAT

High Performance Superpad P yellow for pole sander 225mm A40-220mm Grit (Pack 25).
  •  High Quality Jost velcro sanding pads for levelling, varnishing, sanding or             smoothing in dry construction
  •  Drywall Sanding discs all grit sizes  
  •  Faster and Longer sanding 
  •  Risk of grain breakout is minimised 
  •  Dustless sanding 
  •  Increased performance perforation design
  • Recommended for use with the FLEX WS 702 VEA drywall sander

Jöst useit® Superpad P yellow multi-perforation sanding discs fits on all Drywall sanders available on the market today.

Their high inherent rigidity ensures a flat and scratch-free finish in wall and ceiling processing. Work can be carried out

quickly & safely – and is also dust-free from Clogging of the sanding disc is prevented thanks to the full-surface and innovative perforation and the sanding performance is increased many times over when compared to conventionally perforated sanding discs

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