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MANGROVE Air Scrubber Low Noise on Wheels AIRFLOW (MAX) 2000m3/h

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MAN-AIR200 is Powerful and reliable air scrubber for handling various air cleaning applications on construction site .  The Max Airflow 2000m, It has to speed settings. The main primary filter will vacuum big materials before it comes to HEPA Filter, The bigger and wider H13 is tested and certified with efficiency>99.9% @ 0.3 Microns to create super clean air. A red indicator light warns when filters are clogged, An orange light indicator warns when filters are broken or leaking. With its compact and easy to move design, The machines easy to move and transport

 Voltage : 110V 50/60hz or 240V 50/60Hz

Power: 610W

Two speeds, 600cfm and 1200cfm

Airflow: (Max): 2000m3/h

H13 Filter area : 10.5m2

Socket :  110v or 240 socket

Noise Level : 68dB(A)

Size : 710x510x850mm

Weight: 52Kgs

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