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Mangrove SolarMax 4K Lumen Solar Light. Outside Street Light. > 10 Days Working Time

Solar Powered 4100 Lumen outside street light. Adjustable panel solar panel to maximise absorption. > 10 days working time.
Original price £1,306.26 - Original price £1,391.87
Original price

£1,108.23 ex-VAT

£1,306.26 - £1,391.87
Current price £1,329.88

£1,108.23 ex-VAT

  • Adjustable solar panel - rotate for maximum solar energy absorption

  • 4100 Lumens

  • > 10 days working time (auto control)

The Mangrove SolarMax 4K Lumen Solar Light is a totally innovative solar lighting technology.

It allows you to MAXIMISE your solar energy absorption rate.

Where other solar lights have a fixed solar panel. This light has an ADJUSTABLE solar panel.

Meaning you can change the vertical or horizontal angle of the solar panel for MAXIMUM SOLAR ABSORPTION.

Change the angle throughout the year, or adjust it if your light is required in a different location.

Other key benefits and features of the  Mangrove SolarMax 4K Lumen Solar Light at 24 Watts:

  • Optional sensor (8 metres coverage area) to ensure the light operates ONLY when needed

  • High quality die-casting aluminium body for long operating life

  • Lenses allow you to adjust the light output to narrow and focused, or wider coverage (which can light a width of 4-cars-wide in a parking bay)

  • Different connectors are available for fitting the lights to walls, tubes, square pipes or cylindrical rod

  • High quality A-grade LiFePO4 battery cell 2000 cycles lifetime

  • LED chips luminous efficacy reach to 180LM/W

The Mangrove SolarMax 4K Lumen Solar Light is also compatible with four fittings so that the light can be fixed to a wall, assembly with tube, assembly with square pipe or assembly with cylindrical rod.

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