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Workdiamond FCPQ Diamond Core Drill. 152mm x 300mm. Segmented Laser 1"1/4 UNCF.

For concrete, bricks, abrasive materials.
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  • Segment laser welded
  • Conical outer body
  • Channels for the discharging of debris
  • Special segments with distribution of the single diamonds according to a precise geometric patter

This Diamond Core Drill is part of the Workdiamond Queen Line - special tools with distribution of the single diamonds according to a precise geometric pattern. Therefore a faster cut and a longer life. 

The FCPQ Diamond Core Drill Wet Cutting technology has a diameter of 152mm. Segment width is 3.5mm. With 8 segments

The Workdiamond Core Drill, 152mm x 300mm, is specially designed for:

  • Dry core drilling concrete
  • Dry core drilling conglomerates of concrete
  • Dry core drilling concrete and washed stone
  • Dry core drilling poroton

This Diamond Core Drill is also good for concrete, tuff, sandstone, pomice, bricks, terrazzo and soft refractory.

It is also suitable for fibrous cement, asphalt, bi-firings and hard refractory.

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