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Workdiamond HMT Heavy Metal Dry Cutting Blade for Angle Grinders. 300mm. For Iron, Concrete and Asphalt.

300mm diameter. 2.8mm wide segments. 21 segments.
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  • Special segments made with diamonds
  • Can also cut iron
  • Diamond coated for high temperatures
  • Segment laser welded
  • Specially designed for cutting iron, concrete, pre-stressed concrete and asphalt

This Dry Cutting Blade is part of the Workdiamond King Line of HMT blades - the best efficiency tools for high performance cutting and hard works.

This cutting blade has a diameter of 300mm. Segment width is 2.8mm. With 21 segments across the blade. And features vacuum technology.

The Workdiamond Heavy Metal Dry Cutting Blade for Angle Grinders, 300mm, is specially designed for:

  • Cutting concrete
  • Cutting conglomerates of concrete
  • Cutting concrete and washed stones
  • Cutting green concrete
  • Cutting pomice
  • Cutting tuff
  • Cutting sandstone
  • Cutting bricks
  • Cutting poroton
  • Cutting terrazzo
  • Cutting soft refractory
  • Cutting metals

This dry cutting blade is also good for cutting asphalt, granites, quarzites, porphyry, basalt and slate. And is also good for fibrous cement and hard refractory.

It is also sufficient for marbles, travertines, bi-firings and klinker.

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