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Workdiamond MBD-M Grinding Wheel 115mm. Medium Grit. Basic Line.

115mm grinding wheel for glues, resins, grout/stucco and fibreglass
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  • Carbide tipped grinding wheel
  • Specially designed for glues, resins, grout/stucco and fibreglass

This Dry Cutting Grinding Wheel is part of the Workdiamond Basic Line - designed especially for short and occasional use. 

This medium grit Dry Cutting Grinding Wheel for angle grinders and sanders has a diameter of 115mm.

The 115mm Dry Cutting Grinding Wheel for angle grinders and sanders, is specially designed for:

  • Grinding PVC
  • Grinding fibreglass
  • Grinding polycarbonate
  • Grinding glues
  • Grinding resins
  • Grinder plasters
  • Grinding stucco and grouts

This grinding wheel is also good for pomice, tuff, marbles, travertines and soft refractory.

It is also sufficient for conglomerates of concrete, concrete and washed stones, sandstone, bricks, poroton, terrazzo, bi-firings, mono-firings and metals.

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